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Ukraine Emergency

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Ill and injured

Over 50 hospitals in entire Ukraine have received our help, and we are going to support 50 more till the end of this year. We deliver bandages, antibiotics, painkillers, needles, syringes, PVCs, WHO emergency kits, medical furniture, surgical tools, first-aid kits, and defibrillators. We have bought and fully equipped a field hospital, composed of 13 tents, which serves in Mykolaiv oblast. So far we have donated 5 fully equipped ambulances to medics. We have handed over 15 thousand vaccines against tetanus and diphtheria to 10 Ukrainian hospitals.

Zakładając tę zbiórkę, zasilisz budżet zaopatrzeniowy dla ukraińskich szpitali.

Dzięki Tobie


ukraiński personel medyczny w ratowaniu zdrowia i życia pacjentów


najbardziej potrzebne i bieżące artykuły medyczne


ciągłość transportów z niezbędnym, zaawansowanym sprzętem


niesienie pomocy medycznej wciąż rosnącej liczbie ofiar

Refugees from Ukraine

In 8 polish cities we run Child Friendly Spaces, care and educational centres for children and adult refugees from Ukraine. We facilitate children integration and help adults find employment. We ran 3 medical points at 3 PL-UA border crossings, where a few thousand people received medical aid. Refugees had free access to medical consultation, first aid, free medicine and basic exams. Our mobile clinic supported reception points in west Ukraine, providing medical consultation and direct, on-spot aid.

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